Invest in the Future of Gene Therapeutics with MassMatrix, Inc.

Participate in the future of gene therapeutics. Join MassMatrix in revolutionizing this new industry.

We are experts in mass spectrometry data analysis workflow software and informatics cloud platforms. MassMatrix is poised to revolutionize the discovery, quality assurance, and quality control of synthetic RNA-based drugs and therapies.

Our Mission

MassMatrix provides novel bioscience data analysis software solutions on an informatics cloud platform that boosts research, discovery, development, and quality control of production of new synthetic RNA and conjugate drugs and therapies.

MassMatrix professional services include bioinformatics consulting and contracting for biodata analysis and custom multi-omic workflow development. We encourage engaging in collaborations for creating novel capabilities to meet the emerging R&D needs.

The Opportunity

MassMatrix provides novel data analysis tools and a secure cloud platform for rapid development of gene therapies. The gene editing market is expected to be $18B by 2028, and the gene therapy market of similar size. These markets are fueled by new technology like ours for improving stability and efficacy of the new drugs, vaccines, and therapies.

Current Situation

Direct sequencing via high-resolution mass spectrometry is an essential assay in R&D and QA/QC of new oligonucleotide therapeutics.

Manual intervention in the analysis pipeline due to inadequate software causes bottlenecks in creating and delays in getting new therapeutics to market.

In-depth characterization of RNA and modifications for improving biomarker identification is hindered in research by lack of advanced solutions.

Our Solutions

MassMatrix’s novel solutions are provided on a secure cloud platform. They enable semi-automated direct sequencing of mass spectrometry data. Our solution applies novel XIC, deconvolution, and sequencing algorithms for speedy, highly accurate and precise analysis of new synthetic oligonucleotides and conjugates.

Our workflow engine characterizes nonstandard, hybrid, and conjugate oligonucleotides, enabling design and delivery of new drugs, vaccines, and therapies. A unified data repository enables sample comparisons, knowledge capture and management, and collaboration among researchers.

These capabilities improve reliability and eliminate characterization bottlenecks. They are available by subscribing to our secure online service or by licensing them to deploy on customers’ private enterprise networks.

Our Benefits

Our unique, multiomic, analytic software and informatics tools help users achieve deeper understanding and better decision-making as the develop their new offerings. With MassMatrix they can optimize resource use and bottom-line impact in R&D and manufacturing.

Our solutions aim to improve collaboration among researchers as they work to improve safety, efficacy, and availability of lifesaving and enhancing drugs, vaccines, and therapies.

Our tools and services help users save weeks and even months of time and millions in funding by speeding up needed discovery and development to deliver healthcare outcomes quicker.