What is mmSearch

mmSearch is a cutting-edge protein database search software designed to revolutionize the identification of peptides and proteins from tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) data.

mmSearch uses a mass accuracy sensitive probabilistic scoring model to match tandem mass spectra with theoretical peptide sequences derived from a comprehensive protein database.

Our innovative approach ensures higher sensitivity and specificity in peptide identification, outperforming traditional search algorithms, especially in datasets with high mass accuracy.

Key Advantages of mmSearch

  • Superior sensitivity and specificity, with a false positive rate of just 2%.
  • Unique capability to identify peptides and proteins, including those with disulfide bonds, without the need for chemical reduction or derivatization.
  • Intuitive probability-based statistical scoring model that accurately assesses the significance of peptide and protein matches.

The Science Behind mmSearch

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Download the mmSearch Product Summary PDF