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MassMatrix is poised to revolutionize the discovery, quality assurance, and quality control of synthetic RNA-based drugs and therapies.

The gene editing and therapy market is projected to reach $36 billion in five years, MassMatrix's innovative solution to RNA sequencing is poised to capture a significant share of this rapidly expanding market.

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MassMatrix's mmCloud is a Multiomic Data Science Cloud Platform Unifying & Simplifying Life Science R&D


Identify Proteins, Peptides, PTMs, Disulphide bonds and Crosslinks


Mass spec-based Oligonucleotide workflow

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Unique - "mmOligo provides oligonucleotide sequence verification and identification of modifications and impurities. It saves significant time and resources in R&D and manufacturing of RNA therapeutics. No other solution does."

Director, Analytical Chemistry Research

Pharmaceuticals Company

Focus on Science - “This multiomic cloud platform is important. Our experts can focus on science, not installing, updating, and maintaining pipelines.”

Professor of Chemistry

Major Research University

Modification Analysis - “It is imperative to have good software to identify and quantify nucleotide modifications from mass spectrometry data. mmOligo will help. No other software is currently available.”

Chemistry Professor

Research University

Alleviate Bottleneck to Life-Saving Therapeutics - “Data analysis bottlenecks slow development of oligonucleotide therapeutics. That appears alleviated with your software.”

Director, Mass Spectrometry and Biophysical Characterization, Analytical R&D

Biotherapeutics Company

Improving Knowledge Generation with Data Unification - “mmCloud’s capability to centralize and unify omic data means we can compare different assays more easily and generate new knowledge about DNA damage and all aspects of epigenetic regulation of gene expression.”

Professor of Chemistry

Major Research University

Accelerate RNA Research - “Presently, no good options for analysis of RNA MS data are available, particularly for top-down analysis. This approach to integrate data across bottom-up MS and top-down MS with indirect NGS sequencing could greatly accelerate our research.”


Major Research University


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Custom Software

Our versatile approach to sequencing can handle even more complex conjugated biomolecules

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Data science

Our solution will transform your complex mass spectrometry data into easily interpreted sequencing results

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We are experts in mass spectrometry, bioinformatics, data science and software development. Contact us with your specific requirements to experience the latest in proteomics data analysis and drug development technology.


Meet the mmTeam

G. Hall Johnson

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Senior leader with broad business development and operational experience in creating value in scientific, engineering and technology markets.

Michael Freitas, PhD

Michael Freitas, PhD

Co-founder & Chief Science Officer

Professor in the Department of Cancer Biology and Genetics at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, expert in the field of mass spectrometry, bioinformatics and data science.

Herman Singh

Director of Engineering

Information technology engineering leader with experience in bio-informatics, machine learning, and the IoT in automotive, fintech, energy, and healthcare industries.


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Accelerating Gene Therapy and Editing with Advanced MS-Based Data Analysis for Nonstandard and Hybrid Nucleotide Sequences

Accelerating Site-specific Characterization of Protein Therapeutics with Novel Machine Learning Methods

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